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Croatian is spoken by the vast majority of people and is the official language. English is widely understood in the main tourist areas, and German is also spoken, as is French and Italian.


The official currency in Croatia is the kuna and, although many shopkeepers are happy to accept euros, the euro is not legal tender. Kunas can easily be converted to US dollars or any other currency at local banks. ATMs are widely available across the country, and are safe to use. Most major European and US credit cards are also accepted, including Amex and Diners’ Club.


Croatia is in the Central European Time Zone, two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.


Electricity in Croatia comes in 220-230V/50Hz, and uses the European primary socket types for Europlug and Schuko plugs. Multi-voltage appliances such as laptops will only need a plug adaptor, but single voltage appliances will require either a step-down transformer or a voltage converter.


The dialing code for Croatia is +385, with two-digit area codes following. In Croatia, as in most of Europe, the GMS cell phone network is used, which means US visitors will only be able to use their network if it is AT&T, T-Mobile or Rogers’ GSM. Croatia has two major cell phone service providers, T-Mobile and Vipnet, both of which have excellent coverage over 98 percent of the country.

Duty Free

Visitors to Croatia may bring in local currency to the value of 15,000 kunas, 200 cigarettes, one liter of spirits, two liters of wine and 2 liters of liquor. Purchases in Croatia over 749 kuna are eligible for sales tax refunds at the airport provided receipts bear the correct stamps from retailers. US travelers returning home can bring in US $400-worth of gifts and souvenirs, 200 cigarettes and one liter of alcohol.

Tourist Office

Croatian National Tourist Board, Zagreb: +385-14-557-827 or

Embassies in Croatia

Australian Embassy, Zagreb: +385-1-489-1200 Canadian Embassy, Zagreb: +385-1-488-1200 UK Embassy, Zagreb: +385-1-600-9100 USA Embassy, Zagreb: +385-1-661-2300


Emergency services: 112

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