Citizens of most European, Commonwealth, and North American countries do not require a visa to enter the Falkland Islands and can stay for up to four weeks, providing they have a return ticket and they can apply for extensions thereafter. Nationalities which are not exempt from visa applications should confirm requirements with their embassies before departing.

Health and Safety

In general, the Falkland Islands is an extremely safe place to visit and crimes committed against tourists are practically unheard of; however, it is always worth using common sense, keeping an eye on bags and not putting valuables in easily accessed pockets when in public places. While the likelihood of being mugged or pick pocketed is highly unlikely, there is no reason to tempt fate. One of the few dangers in the archipelago is unexploded mines from the 1982 conflict.

If visitors become ill or require emergency treatment, Stanley is the only place on the archipelago offering medical assistance. If the problem is serious, they may need to be airlifted to Chile for further assistance.