Although much of the Falkland Islands are uninhabited, there’s a range of things to do to discover the islands’ spectacular wildlife and historical gems, with numerous tour operators arranging trips from the capital Stanley.

Island hopping is easily arranged and allows tourists to explore places of interest, such as Sea Lion Island and Carcass Island, while back on the mainland of East Falkland, trips to significant war locations and monuments, including Mount Harriet and Tumbledown are popular with visitors.

Island hopping is one of the best ways to discover the archipelago’s diverse wildlife, especially if you’re short on time. A day trip through Falkland Island Government Air Service takes visitors on an exciting aerial expedition of the islands’ best wildlife, most notably on Sea Lion Island, Carcass Island and Pebble Island.

A guided battlefield tour of the famous war sites offers a stark reminder of the lives lost in the 11-week conflict between the United Kingdom and Argentina. Numerous walking trips run daily around Stanley-based sites, while 4WD expeditions to locations further afield are available through local tour outfitter Adventure Falklands.

Trekking in the Lafonia area, a remote North Arm settlement is a great way to experience authentic country life in the Falkland Islands. The diverse wildlife, natural attractions and cozy accommodation options such as self-service cottages, make trekking in this part of the archipelago a unique experience. Falklands Travel arranges regular excursions.

Fishing trips are a hugely popular pastime with locals and visitors alike to the Falkland Islands. The scarce population and wide range of options from coastal estuaries to beach coves, attract people from around the world looking to spend a carefree couple of days fishing in this spectacular scenery. A number of tour operators, including Invenio Tours, offer packages.

For many years shooting has been a regular fixture in the Falkland Islands and is unofficially the national sport. However, in recent years the activity has become more commercial, with tourists able to participate at the cost of a small membership fee. Organizations like The Falklands Rifle Club and The Falkland Gun Club meet a couple times a week to a fire off a few rounds into the wilderness.

Due to the rugged landscapes and breathtaking scenery, golfing at Stanley Golf Course is extremely popular. The strong winds and surprising holes make this both an entertaining and challenging course. Rounds can be arranged through local tour operators Sulivan Travel and Penguin Travel.