Falkland Islands Taxis and Car Rentals

Taxis are a fairly common way form of transportation around Stanley and the rates tend to be reasonable; however don’t expect to find them elsewhere in the archipelago. It is also recommended to agree on the fare before leaving, as taxis are not metered. Town Taxis (+500-52900) is a commonly-used and reliable firm.

Although tourists are not allowed to drive vehicles off-road where most of the attractions outside of the capital are located, car rental can still be a useful mode of transportation when traveling on the unpaved roads found on both East and West Falkland. Falkland Islands Company (+500-27678) and Stanley Services Ltd (+500-22622) both provide an array of vehicle for rent; however, it is advised to book ahead in the high season.

Falkland Islands Internal Flights

The most common way to travel around the islands is in a Falkland Island Government Air Service plane. FIGAS, which operates eight-seater Britten-Norman Islander aircraft, runs in-demand flights primarily from Mount Pleasant Airport, which is connected to Stanley by a bus service, to more than 40 grassed runways scattered around the archipelago. Sometimes the departure of the planes depends on the number of passengers, so be prepared for the occasional delay. The service tends to be smooth and offer spectacular views of the islands.

Falkland Island Boats and Inter-island Ferries While perhaps not the most practical way to travel, boat journeys offer some of the finest views of these attractive islands. Inter-island ferries are operated by Workboat Services and run regularly to and from West and East Falkland.