Although some influences from the islands’ time under Spanish rule and neighboring Latin countries have rubbed off on the cuisine, food in the Falkland Islands is primarily dominated by British dishes and catches from the sea. Due to the intensive sheep farming that occurs in the archipelago, lamb and mutton are extremely popular meats and are almost always accompanied by locally grown vegetables. While the capital Stanley is only home to some 15 restaurants, a decent selection of cuisines are available from hearty home cooking to exquisite gourmet dishes. One of the islanders favored traditions is the daily smoko, an afternoon tea served with homemade cakes and biscuits.

Bars and Pubbing in the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are not really the place to come for a boozy vacation as the only real collection of watering holes is found in the capital. Most establishments are traditional British pubs and tend to be family-friendly joints, usually serving food. Drinking in the archipelago is also fairly cheap due to the lack of tax on alcohol; however, don’t expect a master mixologist, most beverages will come from a bottle or can. One of the oldest and most atmospheric of Stanley’s pubs is The Rose Bar (Plot 1, Pensioner’s Cottage Allotments, Stanley), which has been serving patrons for more the 140 years. Another popular spot is the Victory Bar (1A Philomel Street, Stanley), which is one of the few places with draught beer, along with a healthy portion of British patriotism.

The only pub in West Stanley is the homely Stanley Arms (West Stanley), which in addition to its decent food menu, serves up some traditional entertainment in the form of pool and darts, and sports on the big screen. Over in East Stanley, the whitewashed Narrow Bar (East Stanley) provides uninterrupted views over the Falklands harbor and has pleasant outdoor seating options.

In the center of the capital, Deano’s Bar (40 John Street, Stanley) is a lively choice, particularly over the weekend, as it acts as a local haunt for many of the residents, while another favorite for expats and seafarers is the Globe Tavern (near to Stanley Public Jetty, Stanley), which has a wide range of good quality wines and draught beer.

Dining and Cuisine in the Falkland Islands

There are limited dining out options and a number of establishments in the Falkland Islands close fairly early; however, a number of restaurants, particularly in hotels, serve up some high-quality cuisine. Malvina House Hotel (3 Ross Road, Stanley) is famed for its sublime seafood dishes, particularly the squid and sources almost all of its vegetables locally. A short walk away, Michele’s Cafe (near Stanley Public Jetty, Stanley) boasts some of the best fish and chips in town.

Favored by both locals and visitors, West Store Cafe (West Store Supermarket, Stanley) is a great option for a light bite during the afternoon. Another one the capital’s top cafés is the long-standing Woodbine Cafe (Fitzroy Road, Stanley), which in addition the omnipresent fish dishes, offers burgers, pies and pizzas.

Out in the camp (the name given to anywhere other than Stanley), warm, hospitable eateries can be found including Darwin House (Darwin, Lafonia), which specializes in lamb and fish and Galley Cafe (Goose Green Settlement). The place is a regular gathering place for locals, offering one of the best full English breakfasts on the Falkland Islands.