Photo Credit: Jorge Quinteros

The most notable local product you can buy in St Kitts and Nevis is handcrafted ‘batik’ (wax resist dyed cloth) clothing and home decorations. You can buy these batik products in many stores in Basseterre, and tourist shops around the islands. A good place to head to is the Basseterre waterfront, near the cruise ship docks. Here, you will find many stores offering a variety of souvenir goods. In addition, the area acts as a duty free area, where you can buy luxury goods such as perfume and alcohol at discounted prices. There are a range of merchants here in this open air mall; you will need to show them a form of photo ID that proves you are not a resident of the country to obtain duty free rates.

Many vendors will accept US dollars for purchases at the waterfront, and other tourist shops in Basseterre, for example, in the retail malls called Pelican Mall and TDC Mall. You will also find further local handicrafts at the Craft House in Basseterre, which sells products made from local materials and natural island objects, such as dried coconut shells, seashells, drift wood, and batik fabrics. There is also artwork available for purchase in small galleries in the Circus shopping district. Here, you will also find crystal, china, porcelain, and gold and jewelry for sale.

Spas and Relaxation

Being a tropical island offering high standard hospitality, St Kitts and Nevis offers excellent Spa facilities for visitors. Among some of the best spas are at: the Sands Complex (Basseterre), Mango Orchid Spa (Ottley’s Resort), Emerald Mist Spa (Marriott Resort), and Roylan’s Health Spa (Basseterre). All offer an excellent standard of service with many treatments available. Mango Orchard Spa offers the best scenery, since it is within the grounds of lush tropical rainforest, where you may be able to spot a vervey monkey swinging through the mango tree branches. Royalan’s in St Kitts in Basseterre is best value for money, with a range of treatments such as skin therapy and massages at reasonable prices.

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