The needle by Partha S. Sahana via Flickr Creative Commons

Travelers from North America do not need a visa to enter Saba for stays of less than three months. Initially most visitors are granted a 14-day stay, which can be extended to a three-month stay at Immigration. Visit to find out more about travel requirements to Saba. There are few health risks here but the usual precautions apply to those who plan to partake in adventurous activities such as diving or hiking.

Health and Safety

Saba’s main cities are generally safe, but drug-related crime does exist therefore tourists should exercise caution when traveling at night and always use common sense.

The high humidity during the summer months means tourists are susceptible to heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses if they don’t take care of themselves. Drinking plenty of water is advised and wearing loose yet protective clothing is recommended. While sightseeing and exploring the island, visitors should wear a hat to keep the sun’s harmful rays off their head.

Tuberculosis and hepatitis B vaccinations are recommended, but not essential, before traveling to Saba. In the summer months, insect bites are a common problem as heavy rainfall helps increase insect populations on the island. Carry insect repellant at all times and ask your hotel for a mosquito net.

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