"Tropical Paradise", Aruba, Eagle Beach, Divi Divi Trees by Chris Ford via Flickr Creative Commons

Tourists will not find major shopping malls or even historic markets on the island of Saba. Instead, tourists are greeted with local products. Shopping is not the same as one would find in the United States or other Westernized countries. Stores generally open between 8:00 a.m. and midday, then again from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday. There are several products that are worth checking out while holidaying on Saba. Embroidery is an important traditional handicraft. In addition, local art and crafts are popular items to take home.


The most popular and perhaps most historically important piece of merchandise for the local economy is Saban lace. There are several spots on the island that boasts incredible Saban lace products, not to mention a range of other fabric-related goods like garments. Island Craft Shop in the town of Windwardside, the stunning little Saban Lace Boutique in Hell’s Gate, and the Saba Artists’ Foundation in The Bottom are the main places where these products can be found.

Arts and Crafts

Local art, not just from Saba but from a variety of islands around the Caribbean, is another major lure for visitors. The best venue to find art is at Windwardside’s Peanut Gallery. In addition to paintings, tourists will find ceramics and other fabulous pieces of work for sale here.


Recent years have seen an increase in foreign property investment on the island. There is a huge range of houses and lodgings for sale in Saba, including houses, cottages, and expensive villas. Whether tourists would like to become permanent residents or are looking for a tropical property for investment purposes, Saba has a range of choices available.

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