Saba 01 by Stefan Krasowski via Flickr Creative Commons

Saba is a beautiful gem in the Caribbean Sea. Therefore it is naturally home to a stunning tropical landscape and reef system. Tourists can find a plethora of things to do on the island. Of course, Saba’s surrounding reef system, which is protected by Saba National Marine Park, is the first thing tourists usually visit when they arrive. The reef is one of the most inspiring underwater environments in the Caribbean Sea, with scuba diving, unsurprisingly, one of Saba’s premier tourist activities.

The island’s beauty also extends away from the water. The green landscape, which is filled with rolling hills and clouded summits, is the perfect place for hiking. Tourists with a sense of adventure can find a number of trekking paths across Saba. Novices, experts, and every hiker in between will enjoy a few days’ hiking on Saba.

Saba is home to an amazing reef system that surrounds the entire island. Diving has become a main contributor to the local tourism economy, and visitors will find dozens of reliable dive shops offering scuba diving equipment and reef tours. Saba is home to wall reefs and a host of other diving attractions, including Ladder Labyrinth, Third Encounter, and Man of War Shoals. Some of the dive sites are found just off-shore, although there are others that are further away. Saba Divers is as reliable as operators come.

If scuba diving doesn’t interest tourists, but a need for visiting the underwater wonders of Saba is still lurking, then visitors can try snorkeling instead. Some areas of the Saba coastline are too dangerous for snorkeling, as rock walls and strong currents pose threats for even the strongest swimmers. This is why tourists should snorkel in safe beach areas and talk to local dive shops before doing so. Sea Saba offers snorkeling tours of the island.

Eco-tourism is an important part of the island. The beautiful landscape makes it possible to go hiking. Mount Scenery is the first place tourists should hike to. However, there are some 18 different trekking spots across the island, including several challenging treks as well as easy paths. There are a number of travel agencies offering hiking tours of Saba and its luscious landscape, including Viator.

Even though the water and landscape make for the most popular tours of Saba, tourists should not overlook town tours. There are four villages on the island that radiate intriguing atmospheres. Windwardside and The Bottom are the two largest towns, offering a host of colonial buildings that are ideal for sightseeing. Even the smaller villages of Hell’s Gate and St. John’s are great for exploring as they are tiny communities with a range of interesting architecture. Get Your Guide has great deals on sightseeing in the towns.

It is possible to find boating tours on the island. Even though the island of St Maarten is where most of the region’s boat charters originate, the local fishing boats and diving tours of Saba can take your around the island. Definitive Caribbean is a travel group that provides access to boat charters and dive boats in Saba.

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