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The restaurants on the island of Saba are high in number and generally offer fine dining experiences for patrons. Of course, most of the restaurants are found in Windwardside and The Bottom. However, there are also plenty of hotels and resorts around the island which boast tremendous restaurants and bars for tourists to enjoy. Even though the island is small, there are European, Caribbean, American, and Asian influences in Saba’s wide range of restaurants. There are some traditional dishes that shouldn’t be overlooked, including calaloo soup, breadfruit, and curried goat. Bars and lounges are available, but generally close around midnight, or not long after. Saba Spice is the local rum. It can be quite potent, so drinkers need to be careful when sampling it.

Bars and Pubbing in Saba

Windwardside is the place to be when looking for a night venue. However, Saba’s nightlife is generally quiet. Scout’s Place Bar (Scout’s Place Hotel, Windwardside) has some of the best views on the island and provides a splendid atmosphere for locals and tourists alike. Although a renowned restaurant, Tropics Café (Windwardside) is also a great spot for happy hour beers every evening except Monday. Saba’s Treasure (Windwardside) is more than just a restaurant as it has a fully-equipped sports bar on site.

Outside of Windwardside, there are several spots to enjoy a drink or two. In the town of St John’s, the Midway Bar and Restaurant (St John’s) has great food and a social atmosphere. The aptly named Half Way Bar (St John’s) is found between the two largest towns of Saba. It is small yet tourists can enjoy the social life here. Like the name suggests, Sunset Bar (Ladder Bay) is the ideal pub to sit back after a long day of sightseeing and enjoy the receding sunlight.

Dining and Cuisine in Saba

Windwardside is where many of the island’s restaurants are located. Brigadoon (Windwardside) is the best restaurant on Saba, offering lobster, steak, chicken, seafood, and pork dishes to die for. French cuisine is enticing, but none more so than at Eden (Lambee’s Place, Windwardside). This is also a perfect place to spend a romantic dinner for two. Saba’s Treasure (Windwardside) is a mixture of excellent dining and historical treasures. The owner of Brigadoon (Windwardside), Greg Johnson, is currently creating an improved dining environment at Saba’s Treasure (Windwardside).

The Saba Coffee House (The Bottom) is the spot for a refreshing coffee, an ideal lunch, or a bistro dinner experience. Queen’s Serving Spoon (The Bottom) offers traditional food made from the freshest ingredients. Another popular establishment for all-day dining is Lollipop (The Bottom), which is a small venue that boasts a wonderful menu.

Outside the towns of The Bottom and Windwardside, Saba contains several important dining options. In Two Deep (Fort Bay) is a nice little restaurant located close to Fort Harbor Bay. In the town of Hell’s Gate, The Gate House (Hell’s Gate) is another interesting restaurant away from the crowds of The Bottom and Windwardside.

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