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Barbados Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are safe and cheap way to explore the island. Like most of the Caribbean, taxis on Barbados are not metered. However, guideline rates are set by the government. Make sure to agree on a rate with the driver prior to getting in. Licensed taxis will have a license plate that starts with ‘Z’, making them easy to distinguish from unlicensed cabs. In Bridgetown, taxis are available through Bridgetown Taxi Cab Company (+1-246-426-3096) and Everready Taxi Service (+1-246-430-9610). It is also possible to rent taxis for guided tours; simply by talking to the driver and arranging a rate for a half or whole day.

Barbados is a small island and self-driving is a popular transportation option. The roads are easily navigable; however, some not in good repair and care needs to be taken. Visiting drivers must obtain a temporary local license, which is valid for 12 months and costs roughly US $50, from a police station before getting behind the wheel. Bring your valid driving license from home to obtain one, but take care as they do drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Car rental is available through reputable companies at the airport or in the big cities.

Barbados Route Taxis & Bus

One popular way of getting around is to use the so-called ‘route taxis’. These are small buses that follow specific routes. Route taxis can be identified by their license plates, which start with ‘ZF’. Since route taxis pick up people along the way, they can get crowded and journeys can be slow. The most popular route is between Bridgetown and Speightstown.

There are also public buses operated by Barbados Transport Board. These are colored blue and yellow, and offer trips all over the island. Service is regular on weekdays, but far less frequent on weekends. The buses use an ‘exact fare’ system, so make sure to have the correct change on hand.

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