Photo Credit: Ben Ramirez

An island paradise, Barbados offers plenty of things to do for everyone to enjoy. There are the usual water-based attractions, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. But there are also other exciting activities such as submarine tours, surfing, and even Segway tours. For a quiet vacation, simply enjoy the beautiful beaches and swim in the clear waters of Barbados.

Scuba diving is the best way to experience the unspoiled marine life surrounding Barbados. The best dives are around the barrier reefs, which are about one to two miles off-shore. If lucky, divers will be able to catch a glimpse of the hawksbill turtle. Carlisle Bay is home to roughly 200 wrecks to explore and there are dozens of scuba diving operators to choose from on Barbados, with popular companies including West Side Scuba and EcoDrive.

There are things to do in the water and ways to experience aquatic life first-hand without getting wet. One option is to take a submarine tour. These tours can be done during the day or at night and use mini submarines that can seat anywhere from eight to 12 people. This is a wonderful way for small children to take in the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean. There is only one company that offers submarine tours on Barbados, Atlantis Submarines.

Sailing is a great way to explore the ocean around Barbados. It is possible to rent a sail boat, but most visitors simply choose to hire a sail boat or catamaran with a crew and let others do the hard work. A day out on the water can include stops to swim off-shore, snorkel or enjoy the sun. There are plenty of options, from trips lasting several hours to whole day sails. Choose a sailing company that best suits your needs with Jammin’ Catamaran Cruises or Ocean Adventures.

Another fun day out on the water is to go sport fishing. Not for the weak at heart, ocean fishing is different from fishing on a lake or river. The adrenaline rush when you make a big catch is like nothing else. It is possible to find sailfish, marlin, barracuda, mahi mahi, and more species here. Charters are available on specialized sport fishing boats, with choices of four, six or eight-hour journeys. High Seas Fishing Charters specializes in trophy fishing, with many years of experience.

Ever dreamt of cantering down a white sandy beach? Join a horseback riding tour along the beautiful coast and shoreline. There are tours for both beginner and experienced riders, so choose the one that best suits your riding level. Ocean Echo Stables has well-kept horses and offers trail rides and island tours on the southeastern coast of Barbados.

For breathtaking views of the island and the ocean from above, why not go parasailing? Strap on a canopy harness before they tow you by boat as you causing rise up into the sky. Feel your stomach drop as you take in the stunning views from above. The Falcon in St. James is one of the experienced companies offering parasailing adventures.

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