• Photo Credit: EtolaneMandatory Anguillan driver’s licenses and free vehicle delivery to hotels are often included in Anguilla’s expensive rental car fees, which are slightly discounted for vehicles rented for more than a week
    • It is often easier to fly into St Martin‘s Princess Juliana International Airport, then proceed to Anguilla by chartered flights or ferries, than to fly into Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport, which has a far smaller number of direct flights to major cities
    • Visitors can import nearly two and a half pints of wine or spirits, as well as nearly half a pound of tobacco or 50 cigars or 200 cigarettes without incurring customs duty
    • Traffic drives on the left in Anguilla
    • Wearing a swimsuit outside resorts and beaches is frowned upon, and nude and topless sun bathing are banned altogether
    • Anguilla follows the same time zone as the eastern United States during Daylight Saving Time, but is an hour ahead during the rest of the year

    Contact Numbers

    Police: +1-264-497-2333 (The Valley) or +1-264-497-2354 (Sandy Ground) Emergency: 911 Princess Alexandra Hospital: +1-264-497-2551 Frank’s Anguilla Taxi Service: +1-264-497-4238

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