Photo Credit: Ivan Wong Rodenas

Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport

Anguilla’s only airport recently changed its name from Wallblake Airport to Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport in 2010, but the airport is still frequently called by its former name. There are no jet ways or refueling facilities at this tiny stopover, which video game fans may recognize from Flight Simulator X demos. Luggage must often be left behind for several hours in Puerto Rico because many flights cannot land with a full load of both baggage and passengers.

This airport’s only current direct routes are LIAT Antigua flights to St Thomas and flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico, operated by Cape Air and Anguilla Air Express. Therefore, many passengers decide instead to fly into St Martin, which offers a greater choice of direct connections from major eastern United States and European cities, then take a ferry or board the quick eight-minute charter flight to Anguilla.

Passengers can fill up their free time by grabbing a bite to eat in the Last Flight restaurant, watching television in the departures lounge, browsing through the American Eagle gift shop, or simply listening to the sounds of one of Anguilla’s noisiest places. Customs, baggage claim, and immigration desks all share the same small area in the arrivals lounge, where all arriving passengers must fill out immigration forms. All departing passengers must return the bottom half of this form or fill out a new one, and pay a departure tax before boarding their onward flight.

Taxis and rental cars can both easily be found in Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport, where fees are clearly posted and most rental car agencies are local companies such as Connor’s Car Rental, Carib Rent A Car, and Island Car Rentals. Triple K Car Rental is Anguilla’s Hertz arm, while Apex represents Avis on this small island. It takes no more than five minutes to reach The Valley, Anguilla’s capital, by car or taxi.

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