Photo Credit: Eric Lionel

Hot and sunny are Anguilla’s default weather conditions at all times of the year, but the breeze from northeast trade winds keep temperatures from becoming too uncomfortably hot or humid. No matter what time of the year, Anguilla’s climate almost always hovers around 70°F and 85°F, which is perfect beach weather.

Most of the little rainfall Anguilla receives throughout the year comes between July and October, the hurricane season. Although visitors should always pay closer attention to weather reports during these months, hurricanes are relatively rare in Anguilla and most tropical storms rarely last longer than a few minutes. Bouts of rain are even rarer during Anguilla’s high winter season, but visitors should always pack for the unexpected just to be on the safe side.

Best Time to Visit Anguilla

Although most people wish to avoid Anguilla during its hurricane season from July to October, those who choose to visit the island during its off months will encounter some fringe benefits. Anguilla’s humidity may be at its highest in summer, but the same is true for its water visibility, making Anguilla a popular summer scuba diving destination.

Visitors wishing to avoid both the hurricane season and the crazy crowds which descend upon Anguilla in the middle of winter may choose to visit either between the middle of April and May or between November and the middle of December. During these times, hurricane threats are at a minimum, crowds are not quite as high, and airfare and accommodation fees are slashed in half of their high season prices.

However, visitors who travel during Anguilla’s low season may also find many restaurants and hotels either heavily under construction or closed altogether in anticipation of Anguilla’s busiest months between the middle of December through April. These are the months when tourists from North America and Europe are most likely to flee the cold winters of their home for Anguilla’s warm and beckoning sunshine.

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