The Pacific Islands all enjoy tropical weather all year-round, with patterns generally similar across all the islands. Average temperatures throughout the year sit between 72˚F and 82˚F, with relatively high humidity of around 80 percent. There are small temperature variances by island. Most Pacific Islands will see the majority of their rainfall between July and October, but, again, this can vary somewhat.

On most of the larger Pacific Islands, visitors will find higher temperatures along the coast or beach areas and cooler temperatures inland. The islands that are mountainous in the inland areas offer great reprieve from the heat.

Typhoons and cyclones can occur around December. However, not all Pacific Islands are in the typhoon zone.

Best Time to Visit Pacific Islands

Because the weather is pretty much tropical throughout the year, there is really no best time to visit the Pacific Islands. However, there are seasons, usually around December, when tropical storms are more likely.

The peak tourism season tends to coincide with peak vacation times in the US and Europe. French Polynesia, for example, sees the highest number of European travelers in summer (July to August) and winter (December). Larger islands, such as Hawaii, see high amounts of tourists throughout the year, with peaks around major school vacations, as well as major events, such as the Honolulu Marathon. Hotel prices generally peak during the Christmas season.

Visitors wanting to do some whale watching in Hawaii should choose the months between January and April.