People do not head to the Pacific Islands for shopping particularly, but there is some good facilities to be enjoyed. The smaller islands focus on locally-made fare, particularly handicrafts made from wood, shells, or stone. The larger islands, however, have established shopping malls for shopaholics to enjoy.

In Hawaii, everyone heads to the Ala Moana Shopping Mall – the premier shopping destination in Honolulu. Here, visitors will find all the brand-name stores (both cheap and expensive), drugstores, restaurants, and cafés. A whole day can easily be spent shopping here, and the food court offers excellent value for money. Locals love the ABC Stores, and visitors will learn to love them too! Found on almost every street corner, ABC Stores are essentially convenience shops, but also stock a great range of souvenirs from Hawaii. There are also plenty of small shops and boutiques to be explored along Kalakaua Avenue. Popular Hawaiian souvenirs include Kona coffee, macadamia nuts, and great surf and swim wear.

In Fiji, visitors looking for mall shopping should head for the Morris Hedstrom’s City Center or Tapoo City. For local handicrafts, even within the mall, visitors should seek out Jack’s of Fiji or the Suva Handicraft Craft. However, there are plenty of shopping options to be found just by strolling the streets of Suva and Nadi. Popular souvenirs include Fijians shirts known as bula, and the local kilts worn by Fijian men sulu. Otherwise, handicrafts are the way to go, ranging from carved wooden bowls to combs.

In Tahiti, the best shopping can be had at the Marche Municipale shopping center. Visitors will find plenty of shops, restaurants, and cafés here. For jewelry lovers, owning a set of Tahitian pearls is a dream come true. The island of Tahiti is known for its unusual and expensive black pearls. These pearls, specifically cultivated in the warm lagoon waters of the island, are famous for their black color and luster. Visitors can tour pearl farms on Manihi, Taha’a, or Fakarava, and purchase a set of their own. Other popular souvenirs from Tahiti include coconut products (oils, creams etc.) and monoi oil.