Pacific Islands Taxis and Car Rental

Most of the Pacific Islands offer affordable taxis as the main transportation option. Larger island have more established services, but negotiating with drivers directly is normally the best bet.

In Hawaii, visitors have plenty of taxi options, most being the ubiquitous yellow cabs similar to those in New York. The largest taxi company is the Honolulu Taxi Service (+1-808-699-9999). In Fiji, there are plenty of taxi companies to choose from. In Suva, visitors can call Avenue Cab (+679-332-0960). In Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, there is really no need to use a taxi, as the city can easily be explored on foot. Taxis tend to be quite expensive here, and most drivers only speak French. Visitors must negotiate rates directly with the taxi driver. One taxi operator is Vaima Station Taxis (+689-42-60-77).

Car rental is a popular option for those looking to explore many of the Pacific Islands. Driving requirements will vary according to the nation, so visitors should make sure they learn the rules and comply. In Hawaii, US citizens can use their state driving license; however, international visitors need a valid international driving license. In Fiji, visitors require an International Driving License to rent vehicles. In French Polynesia, tourists can drive using a valid home country license. Visitors should note that driving is on the right in Hawaii and French Polynesia, but on the left in Fiji.

Pacific Islands Trains and Buses

Most of the Pacific Islands have only limited public transportation options. Trains are not an option, but places boast decent mixed public-private bus services. However, most visitors prefer to self-drive or use taxis to get around.