Enjoying a vacation in the Pacific Islands is easy. Some visitors will simply be happy to relax on the beach and soak up the sun, but more active vacationers will be amazed by the wide range of activities on offer in the Pacific Islands. Of course, most are centered on the amazing ocean and marine life surrounding the islands. However, there also non-water related activities, such as experiencing the islands’ culture and cuisine.

The Pacific Islands are home to some of the best diving, surfing, and fishing sites on the planet. However, visitors can also enjoy the greenery of the island interiors, such as the amazing volcanic craters in Hawaii. The best part of vacationing on the Pacific Islands is that many of the activities can be enjoyed without throngs of other people.

Some of the best diving sites in the world are located in and around the Pacific Islands. There are many dive operators offering tours of all kinds. If not yet certified, this is an excellent place to earn your stripes. Reef to See offers diving tours in the Cook Islands with PADI certified dive masters. In Fiji, visitors should seek out Dive Kadavu, which also offers night time dives. In Hawaii, most of the major resorts will have dive shops on site. One popular dive tour operator is Deep Ecology, located on Oahu’s North Shore. The company offers more than just dive tours, with tourists also helping to preserve the marine environment through turtle rescues and ghost net recoveries.

For those looking for a day away from the beach, river rafting is the perfect solution. Although not possible on all the islands, as some do not have navigable rivers, the activity is very popular in Fiji. Rivers Fiji offers whole-day tours down the amazing Navua River and into its protected forests. Hawaii is another place where river rafting is possible, especially down Kauai’s Wailua River. Kayak Adventures offers good tours of this amazing river.

If diving is not your thing, there is still plenty of marine life that can be seen just by snorkeling. Some of the Pacific Islands offer excellent off-the-beach snorkeling, where visitors can simply swim out a few meters to see some amazing fish and marine life. For a more exciting experience, hire a boat and go out to one of the many reefs that the Pacific is known for. In Fiji, Fui Tai Expeditions can arrange incredible daytrips or overnight snorkel adventures.

The Pacific Islanders are well-known for the rhythmic dancing. Why have a go at learning some of these sexy moves? The dances vary in style from island to island, offering a fun way to learn about island culture. The Hawaiian dance, the hula, is probably the best-known, and taught at many classes throughout the main island. In Honolulu, visitors can experience hula dancing at Ka Hale I O Kahala Halau Hula and Akala Dance Studio. Another island known for its sensual dancing is Tahiti, where visitors should seek out Music and Art School of Tahiti for lessons.

Some of the finest waves roll into the Pacific, meaning that world class surfing can be enjoyed here. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned surfer, there is something for every level here. Fiji has excellent surf for both beginners and pros, with Fuji Surf offering equipment and lessons. The company organizes boat shuttle services to the best surf spots and includes instruction for newbies. In Tahiti, visitors can be assured of the best waves by arranging a tour through Waterways Surf Adventures.

The Pacific Ocean offers simply incredible fishing and enthusiasts will be overjoyed with the options available. Fishing charters are a great way to enjoy a day out on the ocean, whether you fish or not! In Samoa, visitors should contact Alfred’s Fishing Charters or Oceanic Sport Fishing Adventures for some deep-sea fishing fun. Most charters will also BBQ up the catch of the day for you!

Perhaps not an activity associated with island paradises, golf has become a popular past time here. Many of the Pacific Islands are home to beautiful courses; in fact, Hawaii has more than 100, Fiji has four 18-hole public greens, and Guam has seven world-class courses. Golf tours on Fiji can be arranged by Teed Up, while tours in Hawaii are offered by Aloha Golf Tours. There’s nothing like playing a round of golf against beautiful ocean views!

Kayaking provides a great way to enjoy the ocean and reach quiet coves and beaches. Most beaches will have kayaks for rent, but going on a tour can be a much more rewarding experience. Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks offers guided kayak tours in Hawaii. On Fiji, contact Fiji Sea Kayaking, which can arrange a day or week-long tours of the island.