Micronesia experiences a tropical climate with high humidity throughout the year. Precipitation is plentiful especially in the eastern regions like Pohnpei, which is regarded as one of the world’s wettest and rainiest places, receiving up to 330 inches a year. Typical temperatures on the islands range from 80°F to 81°F, which are pleasant for whatever type of adventure or outdoor pursuit you may be looking to try.

The wettest months are during late spring and early summer. Typhoon season lasts from June through December, posing threats to low-lying islands. Strong storms are rare, but not unheard of. The most recent typhoon was in April 2004, when Supertyphoon Sudal hit the island of Yap, destroying almost every building on the island and displacing more than 1,500 people. Be sure to check weather advisories if you plan to visit during this period.

Best Time to Visit Federal States of Micronesia

The weather in Micronesia is generally pleasant anytime of the year, but humidity can be a bit too high between the months of July and November. Thanks to its isolated location, Micronesia has not yet been inundated by tourists, so you are free from the crowds you might find on other tropical destinations.