Indigenous products are abundant on Micronesia, and each region offers its own unique buys. Chuuk is known for its war clubs and sticks. Yap islanders, meanwhile, produce great souviners from local materials like the hibiscus bark, which is woven into lava-lavas. Grass skirts, betel-nit pouches, baby cradles, and stone money are also of interest. Pohnpei is known for its weaving and intricately scaled model canoes.

Being the largest island, Pohnpei also has the largest share of stores that sell all kinds of handicrafts and goods. In addition to weaves, local artisans produce beautifully carved turtles, sharks, manta rays, and geckos. It is also possible to buy tuna, Pohnpei pepper, mangrove crab, and coconut products like soap and shampoo in some of the shops.