An entry permit is not required when staying on Micronesia for less than 30 days, but if your visit is longer you will need to apply for one. US citizens as well as nationals of the Marshall Islands and Palau are offered entry permits that are valid for one year, while other countries get 60 days. A return ticket is also required for non-US citizens along with a passport with at least 120 days of validity beyond your travel date.

Health and Safety

The Micronesian islands are among the safest places in the world. There are no vaccination requirements for entry and no major health risks are prevalent, though travel/health insurance is still recommended when going anywhere. All the islands have good hospitals in the main towns and several private clinics are also on hand. Divers should be advised that the Federated states only have three decompression chambers—one in Chuuk, Pohnpei and Yap available for treatment of scuba injuries.

There are no major safety threats for tourists, as crime levels on the islands are impressively low. There are still some petty crimes like pick pocketing, so use your common sense. Loss or theft of travel documents and other important papers must be reported immediately to the nearest consulate, embassy and local police.