Federated States of Micronesia Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are available on Micronesia and fares are inexpensive, making them a good transportation option to get around towns and villages. Several companies serve the islands, and most of them can be contacted via 24-hour hotlines. Kosrae’s JT Taxi (+691-370-36-65) operates during office hours, while LM Taxi (+691-370-68-00) and P&I Taxi (+691-370-74-40) offer round the clock operation. Pohnpei is served by a number of cabs, including MB3 Taxi (+691-320-41-38), Waido Taxi (+691-320-57-41) and RM Taxi Service (+691-320-55-42), which also operates 24 hours. Yap Island is frequented by TNT Taxi Service (+691-350-38-11), Corner Express Taxi Service (+691-350-54-12) and Twenty-Four Seven Taxi Service (+691-350-82-94).

Renting a car is possible and a practical way to explore major towns on Micronesia, especially if you are traveling with kids or a group. Drivers are required to obtain an International Driving Permit or a National Driver’s License for their period of stay. Numerous rental providers serve the islands, along with hotels that offer vehicle rental. In Chuuk, Trunk Stop Car Rental (+691-330-42-32) offers dedicated car services. Several hotels such as Kurassa Hotel (+691-330-44-15) and Blue Lagoon Resort (+691-330-27-27) also offer rentals. Kosrae is home to a number of car and truck rental companies, such as PMW Car and Truck Rental (+691-370-78-56). KNS Car Rental (+691-370-22-83) and Hairom Car Rental (+691-370-34-27) also offer reliable vehicles. Both local and international rental car companies serve Pohnpei including Budget Car Rental (+691-320-87-05), Micro Car Rental (+691-320-21-22, and Andy’s Car Rental (+691-320-24-68). Yap Island also has its share of hire car, including E.S.A Bay View Auto Rental (+691-350-21-38), 7D Rental Co. (+691-350-25-66) and Yoruw Company (+691-350-31-85).

Federated States of Micronesia Water Taxis

Inter-island voyagers run between major ports in Micronesia in Kolonia (Pohnpei), Colonia (Yap), Moen, and Lele. The main providers of ferries are FSM Caroline Voyager and Micro Glory. Note that services are infrequent, so plan ahead and check schedules.

Federated States of Micronesia Trains and Buses

There are no public buses or an established rail system on Micronesia, though smaller buses may be chartered to get from one town to another. Public Bus Company (+691-350-22-66) offers large vehicle rentals on the island of Yap.