The Federated States of Micronesia has become one of the most favored places to visit in Oceania. Travelers from all over the world come here for the beautiful beaches, remarkable dive sites and unparalleled hodgepodge of island cultures. Each of the four states has its own distinct identity, and the small islands that dot the northwest Pacific offer some of the most amazing natural wonders in the world, including Truk Lagoon’s dive spots, tropical rainforests, mountains, and stunning water cascades on the largest island, Pohnpei.

For avid drivers, the Micronesian shores offer irresistible treats, ranging from World War II wrecks to unusual sea creatures and stunning coral reefs. More than its natural pull and rich cultural background, the region also boasts stunning ruins, unique architecture, and incomparable culinary offerings, all of which form part of the many reasons people keep coming back to this secluded paradise.

Surrounded by great enchantments of the Pacific, scuba diving is one of the most popular things to do in the Federated States of Micronesia. Exploring wrecks in the Turk Lagoon is a must, especially for those fascinated by war history. Over 60 different WWII ships and aircrafts from the 1944 Operation Hailstone serve as sunken remanants of the tragedy. Shark dives are great for adrenaline seekers, while those who wish to see more of the underwater beauty of the islands may go reef diving. The Turk Lagoon Dive Center offers all kinds of guided packages along with courses on basic techniques and advanced training. Cruises over Truk Lagoon are also available on the SS Thorfinn.

For those who want to stay on land, eco adventures are the way to go, especially in Kosrae. In addition to scuba diving, which is ever-present on all of the islands, off-road excursions, canoeing around the beautiful mangroves, and mountain biking are great ways to discover Micronesia. Hiking up the stunning mountains, cycling, and water-based activities like fishing, kayaking and kite surfing, are all excellent ways to spend your holiday. Micronesia Grand Tour is your best bet if you want quality excursions and a full itinerary.

Most hotels on the islands can also hook you up with activities. Manta Ray Bay Resort, for example, specializes in active pursuits like snorkeling, kayaking, manta, shark, and critter diving, as well as complete island tours that include exploring the old villages, stone paths and thatched-roof houses. In addition to sightseeing, you will get the chance to dance with locals and get a glimpse of their daily routine. You can watch as they garden, farm and build canoes to get a better sense of what their life is like.