Uganda Taxis and Car Rental

Kampala and its neighboring towns run on a shared taxi system, which are mini-buses that run on a fixed route and are called taxis. These can be flagged down or stopped anywhere along their route. This is a cheap and convenient way to get around, although conductors sometimes overcharge visitors. Private taxis, called special hires, are also available but rates should be negotiated before jumping in. Yellow Cab Taxi (+256-71-313-3331) and TAPS Taxi (+256-312-514-800) are a couple of reliable taxi companies in Kampala. Moped, motorcycle and scooter taxi service is also available; the vehicles are called boda-bodas. Although they are a fun and fast way to zip around they can also be quite dangerous in Kampala, but offer a cheap way to get around the smaller cities and towns.

Car rental is available in Uganda, but not highly recommended as vehicles are quite expensive and most travelers find it is better to negotiate with a special hire taxi to get from one destination to the next. If hiring a car it is best to do so at a reputable company upon arriving at the Entebbe International Airport to ensure the vehicle is of sound quality.

Uganda Water Taxis

Boats are available between Entebbe and the Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria. Visitors can also take a cruise along the Victoria Nile and organize guided boat tours on any of Uganda’s Great African Lakes.

Uganda Trains and Buses

There is a pretty decent bus service in Uganda, which includes mini-buses (taxis) and regular buses. Neither of these run on a fixed schedule and they often only depart when full, but are a cheap way to get from one destination to the next. Inter-city buses are often faster than mini-buses, as they don’t continuously stop en route. They are also cheaper, but can fill up quickly and can get overcrowded, with people often standing in the aisles.

Uganda’s Post Bus, which is run by the country’s postal service, is one of the country’s more reliable bus services. All of its buses depart at 8:00 a.m. either from Kampala or to Kampala, making stops at various post offices along the way. These buses are comfortable and very affordable.

The Uganda Railways Corporation runs two train lines in Uganda, one from Kampala to Port Bell on Murchison Bay at Lake Victoria, and the other from Kampala to Tororo at the Kenyan border. These are the only passenger trains currently running in the country.

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