American tourists will need to have spare pages in their passports before arriving into Réunion. However, they do not require a visa for trips of up to 90 days. Visitors should peruse before traveling to Réunion.

Health and Safety

The major cities in Réunion are relatively safe, especially in comparison to American cities. Nevertheless, when traveling after dark, it is advisable to stay in a group. Drunken violence in the nightclub is seen occasionally, so steer clear of any unruly behavior after dark.

Remember that Réunion is a tropical island, so tourists need to be very wary of heatstroke and sunstroke. It is recommended that sunscreen and loose clothing be worn whenever traveling around the island. The summer months can get extremely hot and, without proper protection, tourists can get severely burnt. Also, carry plenty of water around at all times.

If traveling into the higher altitudes, tourists need to also be prepared for cold temperatures. In addition to this, the higher hikes are often shrouded in fog on winter mornings. Stay along the marked hiking paths as visibility can be a problem.