Most of the shopping culture in Réunion hasn’t been influenced by modernity. Shopping malls are not the norm on the island, and most of the shopping revolves around markets and streets that boast local products rather than international brand-name items. The majority of the shops around the island are closed on Sundays but open every other day between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., although there are several markets that remain open seven days a week. The main items for sale are local handicrafts and African-influenced products, mostly found in the markets rather than stores.

Saint-Pierre Market

The southern Réunion city of Saint-Pierre is home to the Saint-Pierre Market. It is held on Saturday mornings, close to the sea along Hubert-Delisle Boulevard. The market is one of the largest operating on Réunion Island, and contains a plethora of different goods to keep shopaholics and bargain hunters satisfied.

Grand Market Saint-Denis

This is often regarded as Réunion’s most popular shopping spot, although there is healthy competition from the main market in Saint-Pierre. This large market place offers a miscellaneous mixture of goods from across the region. Wooden handicrafts are popular, and clothing made from local producers are always high on shoppers’ agendas. Embroidery, woven objects, and hand-made jewelry are some of the other products sold within the Grand Market.

St Paul’s Street Market

Another market held in high regard is the Saint-Paul Street Market. Here, tourists can find a huge range of goods, from French-colonial furniture, to locally made wines. The market is held every Friday night and Saturday morning. The colors and atmosphere of this street market are simply spectacular.