One of the most impressive aspects of Réunion is its cuisine. Due to a history of foreign influences, including French, African, Indian, and Chinese, Réunion is home to a wonderful array of restaurants and dishes to satisfy all palates. Two of the most famous, yet simple, dishes, are cari and rougail, essentially meat and rice. Of course, the tropical landscape and climate of Réunion bears plenty of wonderful fruits throughout the year. Rum is the beverage of choice when locals are going out on the town, and most of the cities around Réunion have decent, although not particularly extensive, nightlife scenes.

Bars and Pubbing in Réunion

Saint-Denis, Saint-Pierre, and Saint-Gilles are among the best destinations on Réunion for a night out. In the capital, Cyclone Cafè (24 Rue Jean-Chatel, Saint-Denis) is certainly one of the livelier places for the young crowd. Live bands and even karaoke on some nights welcome party-goers at the Moda Bar (75 Rue Pasteur, Saint-Denis). For those tourists with lower-key tastes, the Jazzy Bar (20 Rue Labourdonnais, Saint-Denis) is a magnificent place to kick back for the night.

Le Bug (4 Rue des Bons Enfants, Saint-Pierre) is one of the loudest and most rhythmic dance clubs in Saint-Pierre. However, the older crowd may prefer spending their evenings at the Piano Bar (6 Rue des Bons Enfants, Saint-Pierre). Jazz beats are played nightly at Saint-Pierre’s Jet Set Bar (32 Hubert-Delisle Boulevard, Saint-Pierre).

Saint-Gilles has a number of nice night spots. The best place for live music has to be La Gueule de Bois (5 Rue des Iles Eparses, Le Hermitage, Saint-Gilles). One of the more retro dance spots on Réunion is Moulin du Tango (Avenue Bourbon, Le Hermitage, Saint-Gilles). The biggest crowds, however, often head to Le Privè (1 Rue de General de Gaulle, Saint-Gilles), a trendy establishment in the heart of Saint-Gilles.

Dining and Cuisine in Réunion

Saint-Denis, Saint-Pierre, and Saint-Gilles contain the widest variety of good restaurants. L’Atelier de Ben (12, Rue de la Compagnie, Saint-Denise) is often described as Réunion’s most interesting restaurant, with its fusion of French and Asia cuisine. The most famous Creole restaurant in the capital is Le Reflet des Iles (27 Rue de l’Est, Saint-Denis), while a taste of true Parisian fare can be had at Le Roland Garros (2 Place, Sarda Garriga, Saint-Denis).

Along Saint-Pierre’s waterfront is the famous Le Retro (34 Hubert-Delisle Boulevard, Saint-Pierre), which serves traditional Parisian food. Even great Italian food can be found in Saint-Pierre, especially at L’Osteria (16 Rue Marius et Ary Leblond, Saint-Pierre). The best fish dishes in the city can be found at Le Marin Bleu (45 Rue de L’Amiral Lacaze, Saint-Pierre), cooked primarily in a Creole-inspired style.

Saint-Gilles also boasts plenty of dining options in Réunion. Although Restaurant l’Oxygene (1 Rue de la Plage, Saint-Gilles) is not in the best parts of town, but it definitely has a delectable Creole and French menu. Restaurant L’A Cote (122 Rue de General de Gaulle, Saint-Gilles) is one of the island’s newest and busiest French restaurants. O’Casier (190 Rue du General de Gaulle, Saint-Gilles) is home to some great local pub fare and a huge wine list.