Nature is certainly Réunion’s friend, as the island boasts some of the most impressive natural landmarks in the world. Fortunately, the local tourism industry has taken note, and made these sites accessible to everyone. Hiking is the biggest income earner when it comes to Réunion’s tourism sector. There is a wide variety of sites that tourists can explore on foot, including the numerous calderas and mountainous plots.

If physical exercise just doesn’t seem all that enticing, tourists can always find other ways to see the natural beauty of this island. Helicopter tours may be an expensive option, but there is no better way to take in the eye-popping splendor of the island’s luscious interior.

Réunion is renowned throughout the Indian Ocean as one of the best hiking spots. Climbers will also find the landscape appealing, as the calderas of Cirque de Cilaos and Cirque de Salazie offer medium-difficult tracks. These sites are old volcanic calderas that boast luscious rainforest vegetation, stunning views, and beautiful waterfalls. Alizes Montagnes organizes tours of the interior of Réunion.

Beaches are another part of the natural landscape in Réunion. One of the best beaches on the island is Plage des Roches Noires, found close to the city of Saint-Gilles. In addition, Plage de l’Hermitage is another quieter beach to the south of Saint-Gilles. Surfing schools are found along the beaches too. Above and Beyond Holidays runs affordable beach tours in Réunion.

The island is beautiful and filled with a variety of landscapes, including soaring peaks, beaches and breathtaking calderas. Even though hiking or climbing are two good ways to the island, helicopter tours are the best method if you want to see it all at once. Visit Corail Helicoptere at Pierrefonds Airport, or Helilagon for reliable helicopter tours.

Canyon tours are among the most popular activities offered in Réunion. There are several major canyons found in the island’s interior, notably Cirque de Cilaos and Cirque de Salazie. New Adventures can organize tours that include canyoning adventures across the island.

Although not as popular as in some places around the world, Réunion’s scuba diving scene is still quite memorable. There are plenty of places to explore underwater, including off the coast of Saint-Gilles. Sharks, swordfish, and other fascinating species live around the waters of Réunion. Visit O Sea Blue for more information.