Ghana has an equatorial tropical climate so it is hot year-round with seasonal rainy spells. The coastal region experiences rainy weather between April and June and September through October. The dry months are from November to March and July to August. The central region gets heavier and longer precipitation, while the northern areas are hotter and drier. They get only one rainy season which lasts from April to October.

Year-round temperatures rarely drop below 86°F, except during downpours, but humidity is constantly at 80 percent. From December through March, temperatures are often higher due to the harmattan winds that blow in from the Sahara Desert.

Best time to Visit Ghana

The months of June and August are high season in Ghana, but if you want to avoid the crowds, travel anytime in September, October, November, or December, when very few travelers are in town. The country is a great place to visit year-round for wildlife and beaches, but avoid the rainy months when activities are limited.