Shopping for artwork and locally-made goods is a real delight in Ghana. Towns have huge markets where you can get your fill of bargain hunting and quality souvenirs to take home. Tourist hot spots and national parks have good gift shops and market areas, while different regions offer their own distinct arts and crafts. In Ghana, shops stay open all day. Most close early on Saturday, but main shopping centers stay open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Accra’s Makola market has an excellent selection of crafts and cloths, including wax-print fabrics, in addition to fresh produce and other interesting goods. Popular Ghana souvenirs include wood carvings, paintings, brass work, jewelry, and pottery. Kaneshi Market is a great spot to bargain for these items. If you are looking for more upscale boutiques, head to the Accra Mall or the A and C Shopping Mall, a large center complete with restaurants and cinemas.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities outside of Accra, especially in Kumasi and the town of Bolgatanga, which is famous for its handmade baskets woven out of elephant grass. Aburi is a great place for wood carvings, while Kumasi is ideal for picking up traditional fabrics and beaded jewelry. Other popular souvenirs include musical instruments, masks, sacred stools, and kente cloth.

Negotiating is acceptable practice and expected, but not in large shopping malls. Antiques, local paintings and other art may be subject to export charges, so be sure to get a certification from the Museum and Monuments Board to avoid a headache at Customs.