Dining out in Ghana is a real treat for foodies as the restaurants offer an excellent mix of international cuisines to satisfy every craving. Traditional restaurants offer authentic local food at very reasonable prices. If you want to eat cheaply, go to a chop house or family-run restaurant. Western-style cuisine can only be found in large cities like Accra and Kumasi where there are strip malls. Most restaurants are open from 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Bars and clubs get going late in the afternoon and stay open until the wee hours of the night. Traditional Ghanaian dishes often consist of groundnut stews, spicy meat and a side of jollof rice, fufu or millet. If you like street food, you will love Ghana’s fried treats, including plantains, bean fritters and yam sticks.
Along the coast, you will see plenty of worthwhile restaurants, most of which offer fresh seafood and off-the-grill delicacies. Vegans won’t be disappointed either, especially in Accra where there are a number of restaurants serving vegetarian-friendly meals.
Bars and Pubbing in Ghana
Kumasi and Accra have the liveliest nightlife scenes in Ghana. You will find a lot of themed bars, dance clubs, cafés, and lounges in the most exciting parts of town. One of the best in Accra is Ryan’s Irish Pub (Osu, Accra), which serves excellent food and quality beers. It also features live music on weekends. Champs Sports Bar (Ring Rd Central, Paloma Hotel Complex, Central Accra) is a lively spot to catch-up on the big game. It has  trivia on Thursday's, karaoke on Friday's, live music on Saturday's, and movies on Sunday's. The food is Mexican and drinks flow all night long.
Osekan (High Street, Central Accra) is a great place to enjoy a cocktail while watching the purple sunset over Accra from a cliff-side table. Indigo (Ring Rd East, Accra) is a stylish bar that is housed in what was once an embassy building and a great Friday and Saturday night spot. Venus Cocktail Bar (11th Lane Osu, Accra) in Byblos Hotel is a good place for quieter evenings, which features a bamboo bar that serves delicious cocktails. It is popular with Peace Corps volunteers and tourists alike.
In Kumasi, you will find even more exciting bars and cafés to visit for a lovely night out in Ghana. Vic Baboo’s Café (Adum, Kumasi) is a good place for cocktails, while Café Maserati (Hudson Road, Adum, Kumasi) offers excellent drinks and hip music spun by skillful DJs. Everything from R&B to hip hop can be found rocking on Wednesday and Friday nights. Fox Trap Nightclub (Maxwell Rd., Adum, Kumasi) is another great place to hang out and its disco is attached to the studio of a local radio station. Those looking for more unique evening entertainment can try Roxy Theatre (Asawasi, Kumasi), which shows different kinds of films. It is located in the city’s Muslim section.
Dining and Cuisine in Ghana
Great dining abounds in both Accra and Kumasi, two of the most visited cities in Ghana. Both towns offer restaurants where you can enjoy local and international cuisine. If you're looking to splurge, Monsoon (Oxford St., Osu, Accra) is an upscale restaurant with a menu of exotic dishes like crocodile tail and warthog fillet with an attached sushi bar and cigar lounge. Buku (10th Lane, Osu, Accra) is the place for African cuisine in Accra. It serves Nigerian, Senegalese, Togolese, and of course, Ghanaian specialties, all lovingly prepared in an ambient, open-air dining room.
White Bell (Farrar Ave., Central Accra) is a good place for chicken and rice dishes, burgers and sandwiches. At night, the restaurant turns into a great music and dance venue. After filling up on a hearty Ghanaian meal, why not try the desserts at Orangery (Farrar Ave., Central Accra), which is known for its savory pancakes, crepes, waffles, and muffins? This restaurant is also serves excellent seafood dishes and other international specialties like moussaka.
Le Petit Paris (Kanda High Rd., North Ridge, Accra) is a good spot for sit-down breakfasts and morning coffee. It is an ambient café and bakery offering freshly made pasteries. For light snacks, head to Mama Mia’s (Accra), a popular pizza place with an outdoor garden and children's menu.
In Kumasi, popular local spots include Tiawaah Restaurant (Adum, Kumasi) and Kentish Kitchen (Kejetia Circle Area, Kumasi), both of which are known for their Ghanaian fare. Those craving Chinese can visit Chopsticks Restaurant (Harper Rd., Adum, Kumasi). Delicious Indian cuisine is served at Moti Mahal Restaurant (Adum, Kumasi), while Sweet Bite (Ahodwo Main Rd., Kumasi) offers Lebanese staples like shawarma, hummus, falafel, and tabbouleh.