Ghana is an enjoyable country to explore, even for inexperienced travelers. Its cities are bustling with development, while the coastline and forested inland areas boast spectacular natural attractions. There are a number of stunning beaches, lazy fishing villages and resort towns where you can sit back and enjoy beauty or get active with water sports and land-based things to do. Must-see destinations include Labadi and Bojo beach resorts of Accra and the well-preserved nature parks like Mole National Park, Paga Crocodile Pond and Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary.

The country’s hidden treasures don’t only lie along the coast and within its thick forests. There are a wealth of beautiful heritage sites in major cities and towns. Cape Coast Castle hosts crowds of curious tourists throughout the year. Other significant landmarks include Elmina Castle, Osu Castle and the Pikworo Slave Camp, all of which played an important role in Ghana’s history.

Eco-cultural tours are popular throughout the country and Galaxy Tours specializes in these experiences. If you want to participate in traditional festivals and customary rites, witness traditional dances and performances, a cultural tour is a good way to start your Ghana adventure.

Heritage tours are also popular, especially with the country’s wealth of ancient castles and forts. Wilderness safaris designed for the adventurous are also popular, complete with camping, game viewing, cave explorations, river journeys, and even hiking, trekking and walking safaris. Galaxy Tours can guide you to some of the best beach areas, parks and riverside eco-tourism areas around the country.

Abacar Tours is a great companion for outdoor pursuits in Ghana, specializing in challenging treks, four-wheel drive safaris, and festival tours. The group is known for their driving tours along the famed Slave Route, lakeside and the route to the Ashanti capital of Kumansi. Sightseeing around the monkey sanctuary and the famed Mole National Park is also worthwhile.

If you have some time, go on a daytrip around Accra and its beautiful sites including the textile market and the Arts and Craft Bazaar. Apstar Tours offers these along with other exciting activities like walking trips around Kakum National Park and cruises around Dodi Island. The group also offers shopping excursions to Accra’s Makola Market and Koforidua’s beads market, along with adventures on the Cocoa Trail and scenic drives along the Volta Estuary.

Ashanti Tours offers complete adventure packages around Ghana. The group offers great opportunities for cultural immersions and heritage tours in some of the most significant towns and historic destinations in the country. Ghana’s natural landscape is great for biking and hiking, wildlife safaris and even bird watching. Educational tours are also their specialty, along with beach and leisure tourseco safaris and butterfly watching in wildlife sanctuaries.

Unique tour packages are available from Blastours, which specializes in a mix of popular activities in Ghana like city tours of the capital, arts and crafts, drumming and dancing, eco-adventures, tennis, and even slave trade routes. The group offers a well balanced option for those who want to combine natural, historical and cultural experiences.