ladys going to market Photo by Matt Tomalty via Flickr Creative Commons

Chad Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis only operate in N’Djamena. They charge a flat fare, but drivers expect a 10 percent tip so be generous. Both chauffeured and self-drive cars are available, although providers are limited. You need an international driver’s permit to rent a vehicle. Navigating N’Djamena is fairly easy because the roads are in good condition, but if you intend to go out of town, you will need 4WD. You will also need to secure travel permits from the Ministry of the Interior because fuel tends to be expensive. Security threats, poorly paved roads, the absence of emergency services, and insufficient repair facilities make road travel in the northern and central areas of the country difficult. Foreigners are advised to stay within a convoy, carry spare parts and extra gas, avoid traveling at night, and always keep your doors locked.

Chad Trains and Buses

There are no trains in Chad, so the most convenient way to get around N’Djamena is by minibus. These minibuses operate throughout the capital. Buses rarely leave on scheduled intervals, so the fastest way to get around is by taking a land cruiser, which picks up and drops off passengers along the way. Travel times may vary because of road conditions and the weather, especially during the rainy season where mud is common. In other cities, fleets of motorcycle taxis or clandos are common. Like taxis and minibuses, they charge a fixed fare if you are just going around the city.

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