Photo Credit: Eric Haglund

Burkina Faso has a tropical climate, which makes it a very attractive nature destination. It experiences two distinct seasons, and temperatures can get very hot during the dry season. Rainy weather typically lasts up to four months, from May through August or from June through September. The wet season is shorter in the northern parts of the country, which are closer to the Sahara. Average temperatures range from 40°F to 116°F throughout the year, higher during late March to May when the climate gets too dry.

The harmattan (hot dry wind that comes from the Sahara) is both a blessing and a curse. From November to December, the harmattan brings dry and cool weather, but you can expect intermittent showers throughout Burkina Faso from December to February.

Best time to Visit Burkina Faso

The best weather in Burkina Faso is from mid-October to December, except for dusty harmattan winds that often produce hazy skies. These months also see the savanna in bloom. The dry months are best for wildlife watching, when the animals flock to nearby watering holes and the rivers. However, if it’s bird watching you’re after, visit during wet seasons, when you are likely to see rare migrating species. Festival dates change every year, so it may be difficult to schedule your trip around one, but if you happen to be here, be sure to join in the fun.

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