"Banfora" by Guillaume Colin & Pauline Penot via Flickr Creative Commons

Many destinations in Burkina Faso inspire wilderness excursions, treks and adventures. Other places call for cultural exploration, especially towns like Bobo-Dioulasso and Gaoua, where age-old architecture and ancient ruins give way to exciting historic tours. The sleepy town of Banfora in the west is surrounded by natural landscapes and is it the perfect springboard for visits to the beautiful Lake Tengréla and the unrivaled Karfiguela Waterfalls.

There are several World Heritage sites within Burkina Faso, including the famous W National Park, which straddles two other countries, Benin and Niger. This, along with other national parks in the country, is home to the largest population of African elephants and a wide range of other species, some of which can only be only found in the African wilderness.

Burkina Faso is more than just a pit stop when traveling across West Africa. To truly appreciate what the country has to offer, stay a week or longer. TransAfrica specializes in trips around the best destinations, from sightseeing in Bobo-Dioulasso to trekking up the beautiful peaks of Sindou. Breathtaking natural attractions dot the country; so many trips to Burkina Faso are all about hiking and the outdoors.

If it’s the ruggedness you’re after, then sign up for a wilderness tour around the reserves and parks. If watching from the sidelines isn’t good enough, join a safari or hunting trip to Arly National Park, where vast savannas await exploration. Tropic Voyages Excursions offers exciting tour packages for those who want a taste of the West African wilderness. You can also go elephant watching through various operators like ElderTreks and Mandinka Ethnocultural Expeditions which specializes in young, hip crowds.

Its main cities are also worth a wander, especially Ouagadougou and other traditional villages for shopping, museum hopping, and walk tours. OK Raids is a good choice if you want á la carte tours around the country. Cultural tours are very rewarding, especially with Burkina Faso’s diverse mix of ethnic groups. No vacation is complete without visiting ancient sites like Gourounsi, where beautifully painted houses abound.

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