It’s no secret that Illinois is called the land of Lincoln, and you could call Springfield the City of Lincoln. From his boyhood town, first home, law office, and final resting place to an entire museum dedicated to Abe and only Abe, Springfield immerses you in Lincoln’s world. Special events throughout the year — such as live reenactments of his speeches at the Old State Capitol and the Great Western Railroad Depot, period musical performances, and civil war demonstrations — bring Lincoln and his times to life before your eyes in Illinois' capital.

Photo Credit: Jeannette E. Spaghetti

Not only does the city boast the best sites from the life and times of Abraham Lincoln, but Springfield also possesses other curiosities, mysteries and historical landmarks of yesteryear. Lurking around every corner, you’ll encounter legends from a multitude of eras past. Route 66, having plenty of curves and turns itself, once rambled through Springfield and its surrounding areas. And that’s just the start of the 50’s nostalgia — each year, classic and vintage cars line downtown streets during the International Route 66 Mother Road Festival. History buffs of the military persuasion find fascinations aplenty at our many memorials and themed museums.

Photo Credit: Yooperann

Springfield really comes alive in the summer, brimming with free live performances and activities that will completely transport you back in time to the hometown Abraham Lincoln knew and loved. Mr. Lincoln’s day comes to life as period re-enactors and performers recreate the lie and times of Lincoln and his contemporaries. From a chance encounter with Mr. Lincoln and an authentic Civil War Medical Encampment Reenactment to an unexpected treat as you find yourself lunching next to a couple of nineteenth century ladies at their favorite bistro in the afternoon. And to top off the perfect day, let a refreshing scoop of ice cream melt on your tongue as the sun sets over Downtown Springfield. Come walk through, talk to, and immerse yourself in the living, breathing history that’s alive and well in Springfield, Illinois everyday.