"Paris" by Moyan Brenn via Flickr Creative Commons

In today’s travel market it’s possible to take your pets to every corner of the globe or appreciate those of other people. Journey to the elegance of Paris or Rome, stop in at New York for a spot of shopping, enjoy the parks and beaches of San Francisco or go to Australia for it’s great horse riding.

  1. Paris, France This city is renowned for its dog-friendly atmosphere. Fido can sit at your feet as you dine in restaurants and fast food joints or if he’s little can be carried on the Paris Métro and bus. Some taxis will let dogs ride in their cars; try Taxi Dog. If you want somewhere to play, go to the south end of the Luxembourg Gardens.
  2. Rome, Italy In Rome a dog is almost a fashion accessory; particularly a small one that you can slip under your arm or put in a handbag. There are plenty of dog friendly hotels and you are welcome to walk the dogs on the street, with a leash of course and sit in cafes outside.
  3. New York Luxury hotels in New York welcome dogs so you can stay in style in the Big Apple and even go shopping with them in Manhattan department stores. Pets can travel in Pet Taxis and on the Metro-North trains from Connecticut or the northern suburbs and the Seastreak Ferry from New Jersey. Take a walking tour of lower Manhattan, a carriage ride in Central Park, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, visit one of the 30 off-leash parks or go to the man-made swimming pond for dogs in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.
  4. San Francisco San Francisco is a great vacation site for a traveler with a dog. There are so many parks, off-leash areas and beaches. Plus dogs are allowed on public transportation including the famous Cable Cars, Muni buses and trains. Small dogs are even allowed on the regional BART trains that run to the East Bay. Every August the San Francisco Giants host their annual Dog Days of Summer baseball game where your dog is welcome to attend.
  5. Dubai Pet Show, United Arab Emirates This is the only show of its kind in the Middle East. The annual Dog show attracts over 13,000 visitors annually and is popular amongst families. Bring your pooch to enter the usual categories and win an award. It is held at the Dubai Golf and Racing Club.
  6. Horse trails, South Africa Nature reserves around Cape Town allow you to bring your own horse on routes that are as diverse as the terrain. There are beach rides on the dunes, vineyard ambles, grassland scenery or even rides among the big game.
  7. Birds, Hong Kong If you have a feathered friend the place to take him or her is the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. The Bird Garden is a gathering place for Hong Kong’s songbird owners where they can enjoy all kinds of comforts. Some are placed in intricately crafted cages and left to sing in trees or fed nutritious grasshoppers or crickets.
  8. Tokyo, Japan The Japanese are really into pooches. There are pet cafes that welcome dogs complete with imitation garden décor and menus designed specifically for dogs, plenty of pet stores, veterinary facilities and even a pet park called Dog Run-Do.
  9. The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive, Australia This annual drive across South Australia can include up to 300 guests moving 500 head of cattle over 135 miles in three weeks. It’s a perfect way to appreciate the outback by horse experiencing life as a real drover and seeing the geographical splendors first hand.
  10. Australian Bicentennial National Trail This trail follows the paths of the pioneer stockmen and includes stock routes, stagecoach tracks, pack horse trails and country roads. It is the longest designated trekking trail of it’s kind in the world and takes the adventure trekker on a 3,310 mile journey from Cooktown, North Queensland, to Healesville in Victoria.

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