"Amsterdam" by Moyan Brenn via Flickr Creative Commons

  1. Paris, France This city is renowned for its dog-friendly atmosphere. Fido can sit at your feet as you dine in restaurants and fast food joints or if he’s little can be carried on the Paris Métro and bus. Some taxis will let dogs ride in their cars; try Taxi Dog. If you want somewhere to play, go to the south end of the Luxembourg Gardens.
  2. Rome, Italy In Rome a dog is almost a fashion accessory; particularly a small one that you can slip under your arm or put in a handbag. There are plenty of dog friendly hotels and you are welcome to walk the dogs on the street, with a leash of course and sit in cafes outside.
  3. Amsterdam, Holland In the world’s most tolerant city they also provide for dogs. Oosterpark is a popular spot with locals and just off the beaten path for tourists to take their dogs. It is picturesque and quiet and divided into dog and non-dog zones for children’s safety. Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s largest and best-known park, is also a fun place to bring your dog.
  4. Fjords, Norway If you’ve always wanted to see the stunning beauty of Norway’s mystical fjords and follow the rich Viking heritage of the region now you can on the Queen Mary 2 luxury cruise liner. Four-legged friends are welcome as guests and there are pet-friendly services and amenities. A kennel master will take charge of daily pet care so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery or play Frisbee or walk the decks through the day together. If you want to extend your stay Oslo has a number of pet friendly hotels.
  5. Berlin, Germany Germany is a country that has produced many great dog breeds including the German Shepherd Dog so it’s only fair they are pet friendly. Bikes are the ideal way to get around the bustling metropolis and with a well-behaved pooch in the basket you can see the famous Berlin Wall, stunning parks and gardens. Outdoor cafes often don’t mind a pet in tow as long as it’s leashed up outside, besides dogs will probably love a few morsels of German sausage. There are also a range of quality pet friendly hotels, bed and breakfasts and rental accommodations in Berlin.
  6. National Parks, Ireland Dogs are often not welcome on the great walking trails of Ireland because they go through sheep country, farming land or are protected national environments. But in Killarney National Park four-legged friends are okay as long as they are leashed and under control. Similarly in the Wicklow Mountains controlled dogs are tolerated, but not on the famed Wicklow Way. Cottage vacations are popular with dog owners throughout Ireland because you can self cater for everyone and stay in comfort.
  7. Menorca, Spain Dogs are a part of life on the streets of Spain and often taken for walks around towns and villages. The lovely Mediterranean sunshine can be enjoyed by all the family on Menorca, one of Spain’s famed Balearic Islands. There has been an increase in pet friendly accommodations and travel options here. Rent a car and cruise around the pocket-sized area, go to the beach or dine out at night. Dogs and cats are welcome almost everywhere.
  8. Switzerland Talk about pet friendly - all dogs and cats may travel on Swiss trains! Although there are a few fees and laws such as animals that are over 30cm must pay a half fare second-class ticket. If they’re smaller they must be in a basket and are counted as hand luggage. So you can travel to Geneva and enjoy the lake activities, visit the capital Bern or even get into skiing regions around the Matterhorn.
  9. United Kingdom Leashed dogs of all sizes are allowed on the National Rail in England which opens up a lot of travel choice for you and your foot-legged friend. And since the introduction of the UK Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), more visitors are bringing their dogs along on vacation in the UK particularly EU residents whose cats and dogs are not quarantined. Consider a journey down to Cornwall, up to Scotland or over into Wales. There’s also plenty of pet friendly accommodation and lots of moors and national parks to run in.
  10. Fiere di Verona, Italy This horse fair is the biggest even of its kind in Italy and where you want to come if you’re a horse lover or owner. This massive equestrian celebration includes Western-style riding and American breed showings; a Spanish horse area with performances of flamenco-dressed riders and their beautifully-schooled Andalusian horses; an area dedicated to children and horses with gymkhana competitions, cartoons and equine spectacles.

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