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Training/Practice Exercises

Careful preparation planning the vacation or move with your pet will make it a smooth transition and more enjoyable. The first step in planning a successful trip with your pet is to notify the lodging establishment you are staying at that you will be bringing Fido or Fluffy. This should be done well prior to arrival as they may have only a limited number or no pet-designated rooms. A ground floor room is ideal with a dog for late night bathroom runs.

Get the pet used to any particular carriers, leashes, flotation devices or motion that may be involved during the move. Animals are most comfortable with familiar circumstances so make the changes small initially. When you have arrived at the new destination, the pet must adjust and may find it as hard as you do. It must learn the way around the house and neighborhood, meet new people and animals and adjust to new water and climate and learn where it can and cannot go.

Gear Requirements/Packing lists

If you’re moving house you will need to take all the pets belongings with you. If you are traveling include food and water dishes, bedding, litter and litter box, leash, collar and tags, grooming supplies, a favorite toy, a first-aid kit and any necessary medications. In addition, a container of drinking water for your pet should always be with you.

To be on the safe side, you may consider taking some sedatives prescribed by a veterinarian. You should also have paper towels, a scooper and plastic bag to clean up after your pet. A spray room deodorant is handy if you are staying overnight at a hotel or motel to leave the room smelling fresh.

If you are staying in a hotel or motel cover the furniture with covers so if the dog/cat gets on it won’t leave a mess.

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