"Colca Canyon" by Joe via Flickr Creative Commons

You may prefer to pick up a pet than bring one with you in Latin America although cruise lines and the limited entry restrictions to Caribbean nations makes pet transport fairly easy. Consider horsing the trails of Chile or going to a equestrian festival in Peru, collecting a stray dog in Bolivia or getting a llama in Peru.

  1. Zimbahua, Peru This is definitely a llama friendly destination. When you go shopping you can leave the llama in the parking lot to wait for you to help carry the shopping home – seriously! If you want to buy a llama get there early as the best ones go by 6am. You can even get them an ear tag and a collar.
  2. The Caribbean Take your pet on a luxury cruise to the Caribbean with Cunard. The Queen Mary 2 stops at destinations throughout the islands including Aruba, Jamaica and Barbados. And it allows dogs in up to 12 kennels.
  3. Atacameno Trail, Patagonia, Chile This is a unique horse ride that follows the old route of the local Atacameno cowboys driving livestock from the argentine Chaco. The ride takes in some of the great countryside and big, wide, open spaces of Chile, plus there’s wild life to be seen.
  4. Otavalo, Ecuador There’s never a dull moment in the animal market of Otavalo. The best day of the week is Saturday when squealing pigs, clucking chickens, pigeons, geese, guinea pigs and all manner of human livestock share the streets. These aren’t exactly tourist souvenirs but if you’re a local it’s where you’ll pick up a pet or something for the dinner table.
  5. Peruvian Paso horse festival, Peru There are many dressage style competitions in Peru, which showcase the complex steps of the Paso horse. The most important is Nacional El Paso at Mamacona, a coastal resort within walking distance of the pre-Inca site Pachacamac. The Paso horse has resulted from Spanish and Arab strains reared in a coastal desert environment. The horses have learnt a high-stepping gait to cope with the soft sand. The Paso horses have elaborate saddles and the rider has a white outfit, wide-brimmed hat, poncho, boots and spurs.
  6. St Croix, US Virgin Islands, Caribbean If you like to travel with your pet St. Croix is very accommodating as there are no government quarantine rules. There are plenty of pet friendly accommodations and dogs are welcome on tracks and beaches. The only thing you must get is a Health Certificate from your veterinarian indicating your pet is current on vaccinations and has no known communicable diseases. Cats and dogs must have a rabies vaccine within six months prior to travel. Snakes aren’t welcome and birds, ferrets and guinea pigs need a bit more documentation.
  7. Colca Canyon, Peru Walk with a dog along the rim of the Colca Canyon with the resident pup at Parador del Colca ecolodge. The dog loves to lead guests around the paths on the canyon’s rim and down to the river below. So if you can’t pack your own dog here’s a fill in!
  8. Cordillera Real Trek, Bolivia There are a lot of stray dogs in Bolivia and they can be quite territorial. Rabies is endemic so you should try to avoid being bitten. Adopt a healthier stray and take on the trek or pick up a phantom stone to throw at the ones that get too close.
  9. Los Andes Mountain Range, Argentina Crossing the Andes Mountain Range from Chile to Argentina by horse follows in the footsteps of the Spanish conquerors 500 years ago. The route takes about 12 days from Cajon del Maipo to Diamante Lagoon in Argentina crossing rivers, mountains and valleys.
  10. Vegas De Nacimiento and Juncal Glacier, Chile Horse riders will love this journey following the international highway through the Aconcagua River canyon towards Portillo and on to the Clark Brothers station. The route then continues to the end of the valley to the Alto de Los Leones Peak and snow-capped Mount Juncal. Cross the tumbling streams and alpine tundras to Vegas de Nacimiento, source of the Aconcagua River and the Juncal Glacier.

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