"German Shepherd CALA in Teide National Park " by Perlaroques via Flickr Creative Commons

Suggested Tour Operators

Jet Pets Animal Transport (http://www.jetpets.com.au, Tel. + 61 3 9339 4300)
It doesn’t matter your pet has fur, feathers or fins, or needs to travel to Broome, Boston or even Belgium Jet Pets will help you get it there.
Oz Doggy (http://www.ozdoggy.com.au)
Dog minders or transporters for when you next take a break traveling in Australia or internationally.
Pet Carriers Australia (http://www.petcarriers.com.au, Tel. 1300 788 770)
Caring pet transport company for local, domestic and international travel.
Pet Air (http://www.flypets.com, Tel. (816) 471 3852)
American company offering animal transportation and pet shipping services of monkeys, birds, dogs, goats and any other animal.
Global Paws (http://www.globalpaws.co.za)
Pet transportation specialists based in South Africa offering boarding kennels, pet sitting, pet care and transportation to Europe and other locations like Australia and New Zealand.
World Pet Travel (http://www.world-pet-travel.com, Tel. + 1 877 889 1131)
Relocates animals such as horses, pets and cats around the world.

Do-it-yourself options

If you decide to transport your dog, cat, horse or fish on your own observe a few guidelines to keep them as safe and comfortable as possible. If they aren’t used to traveling make some short trips with them in advance to accustom them to motion and teach them how to behave. Dogs should lie quietly, keep their heads inside and not annoy the driver or passengers. They should not be left to roam on the back of pickups. Cats are usually safest in a carrier. A leash or harness to prevent any animal moving around or bolting is advisable.

Whatever method you choose make sure they are comfortable. Give them their favorite blanket, dishes, toys and other items so they feel at home. Bring enough pet food and water for the trip; don’t count on getting some on the route.

Stop frequently for bathroom and exercise breaks, checking first that the service area allows you to do so. Pick up any mess and give them water to rehydrate. Animals can get car sick so keep feeding to a minimum during travel and if you do feed them give regular pet food. A light meal several hours before departure is recommended.

If you are in a car never leave the pet alone in a parked vehicle. On warm days the temperature can rise rapidly inside and unattended animals are also an open invitation to pet thieves.

It may be possible to take small animals onboard planes with you. All transport services have specific requirements so follow these carefully.

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