Eastern Europe is the place to go for cheaper dental bills and arthritic treatments in a number of spas and thermal lakes. Or take advantage of…

Eastern Europe is the place to go for cheaper dental bills and arthritic treatments in a number of spas and thermal lakes. Or take advantage of Germany’s high class spinal surgery or Portgual’s fabulous convalescence locations.

  1. Dental, Hungary

    Tooth fixes here cost less than a third than elsewhere in Europe or the US. Hungary is considered to be the dental capital of the world with a number of huge dental universities. Plus the tourism options afterwards are very affordable so combine a vacation with a filling, extraction or root canal.

  2. Poland

    Polish health tourism has a proud two-hundred year old history and is on the increase as people realize the range of medical procedures available, the professional staff and low cost. There’s cosmetic surgery and a whole range of operations from knee surgery to hip replacements. Clients usually choose to combine their treatment abroad with a city break in Warsaw or a full-scale vacation in Europe.

  3. Black Sea Coast, Romania

    Romania is home to about a third of Europe’s mineral and thermal springs. Spas can be found everywhere on the Black Sea Coast on the banks of lakes as well as in the mountains. The spas provide relief for many medical disorders and illnesses.

  4. Thermal treatments, Hungary

    Budapest is known as the spa capital of the world, thanks to 100 hot springs that bubble up through the city. Hévíz, Europe’s largest thermal lake, is another good vacation options to soothe everything from rheumatic ailments to skin conditions. The lake is filled with mineral-rich water and thick mud beneath. There are plenty of choices for packages and visits should you come.

  5. Edipsos, Greece

    People have been taking the waters in the spa town of Edipsos on Evia since the time of Aristotle. Roman and Byzantine emperors also bathed in the waters. It’s a popular location today mostly for Greek visitors who come for the springs and relaxation. Some hotels have permission to pump the thermal water directly into their own spas and are built around the ancient ruins of Roman baths. But to use any you must register with the Greek National Tourism Health Centre first which has its own hydro-massage baths, indoor and outdoor pools of both mineral and seawater, a physiotherapy center and a gymnasium.

  6. Bath, England

    People have come to Bath to take of the waters from Celtic, Roman and Georgian times and they still come today. This spa town southwest of London owes its existence to hot springs that reputedly have unique healing properties. Thermae Bath Spa consists of five Georgian buildings and a new stone-and-glass construction and boasts four spring-fed pools with naturally heated thermal water enriched with 43 minerals.

  7. Germany

    People from the Middle East and North Africa have used Germany’s medical facilities for a long time. East Europeans, Russians, Brits, Canadians and Americans are heading over for the latest in spine surgery and novel cancer treatments. The Bavarian Salt Springs are a good place to recover from back and joint pain or other arthritic problems.

  8. Portugal

    Portugal’s health care system rated 12th of 191 countries by WHO in 2000. This EU nation has a great mild climate for convalescence periods – picture a beach location on the Algarve in mid winter to recover when you could be freezing and uncomfortable at home. Dental clinics and cosmetic surgery facilities are popular surgeries as are orthopedics, cardiology and eye surgery.

  9. Spain

    Spain’s economy has improved over recent years, which has made its hospitals and health professionals just that much stronger and better trained. The mild winter climate, excellent beach and island resorts and colorful culture make the convalescence period more enjoyable.

  10. Ukraine

    Spas, eye surgery, plastic surgery and mud baths are some of the medical treatments that draw Western and Russian clients. The dental clinics here are also high quality and everything is low cost.