Australia and New Zealand are relatively new players in the medical travel market. Treatments here are still cheaper than Europe and the USA and…

Australia and New Zealand are relatively new players in the medical travel market. Treatments here are still cheaper than Europe and the USA and hospitals and clinics offer high quality resources and facilities.

  1. New Zealand

    This new player in the medical travel market focuses on non-acute surgical procedures and fertility treatment. The medical system is based on the British health system and specialists speak English and have received training either here, the US or UK. The costs of private healthcare are cheaper than North America or Europe and there are packages for hip replacement or coronary artery bypass. And of course anywhere on the islands, particularly peaceful lakeside or mountain resorts, is a perfect recovery location.

  2. Fiji

    If you need time to relax and unwind from illness, surgery or stress; the islands of Fiji are the perfect health tonic. Enjoy massage from the resorts, relax on the beaches and the slow pace of life.

  3. Rotorua, New Zealand

    The public hot springs in Rotorua are said to cure arthritis in three months! You can go and test this theory for yourself lazing in the hot alkaline pools of varying temperatures for a very reasonable cost.

  4. Australia

    The Australian healthcare system is primed for Canadians and Americans to visit and access medical treatment. The health care system is world class, provides affordable treatment and those that travel ‘down under’ can enjoy a vacation in one of the most beautiful and diverse places on the planet. Australia is considered particularly good for a variety of orthopedic procedures.

  5. Microdermabrasion

    This is a treatment to remove the streaks and narrow lines on the skin’s surface as a result of muscle growth, large weight gain/loss, acne scarring and pregnancy. These treatments remove the layers of scar tissue and fine lines and re-stimulate cell growth deep within the skin layers. It is commonly offered in clinics across Australia.

  6. Eco retreat, Byron Bay

    The hinterland near Byron Bay is full or artist retreats, hideaway B&Bs, eco friendly farms and charming places to stay. Enjoy some time out on a property where everything is recycled, where you can paint, do yoga or country walks.

  7. Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

    Dig your own spa in the sand at low tide near the rocks and in places where steam can be seen rising from the open sea at high tide.

  8. Cosmetic Dental Work

    Some of the most popular cosmetic dental work offered in Australia and New Zealand today is teeth whitening to clean stained, yellowed teeth; Porcelain veneers to beautify chipped, stained or crooked teeth or instant orthodontics with a resin inserted between teeth that creates a natural looking smile.

  9. Waxing and laser hair removal

    Almost every day spa or beauty salon offers services that will remove unwanted hair from arms, legs, lips or the bikini area so you never having to shave, wax or tweeze ever again. You can also check in for hand and nail services.

  10. Massage

    Massage is also available in almost every spa and beauty salon across Australia and New Zealand in a range of styles.