Recommended reading Patients Beyond Borders : Everybody’s Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism by Josef…

Recommended reading

Patients Beyond Borders : Everybody’s Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism by Josef Woodman
The complete guide to healthcare options for the medical traveler or tourist. There are also location specific titles available.
The Complete Medical Tourist: Your Guide to Inexpensive and Safe Cosmetic, Medical and Dental Surgery Overseas by David Hancock
The types of medical procedures offered overseas and a cross-reference to 24 countries listed.
Medical Tourism: Your Complete Guide to Top-Quality, Low-Cost Dental, Cosmetic, Medical Care & Surgery Overseas by Paul Gahlinger
An authoritative book that will tell you about hundreds of clinics, hospitals and spas in about 50 countries, how to travel, how to pay for it, how to prepare what to do and what to avoid.
State of the Heart: A Medical Tourist’s True Story of Lifesaving Surgery in India by Maggi Ann Grace
Grace explains how she and her partner decided to search abroad for health care for Howard’s leaking mitral valve in his heart. Without health insurance they decide to go to a private hospital in India. This narrative details their experiences on the trip. They never did much tourism during their one-month stay, but they shed light on the growing medical tourism industry.
Beauty from Afar: A Medical Tourist’s Guide to Affordable and Quality Cosmetic Care Outside the U.S. by Jeff Schult
Has a lot of good information for those who are considering surgery out of the country.
Medical Tourism in Developing Countries by Milica Z. Bookman
Looks at the huge economic potential for develop countries with paying foreign clients and the serious implications for health care across the globe.
Hospitality 2010: The Future of Hospitality and Travel by Cetron and DeMicco

Useful Websites

Travel Health (
Information about health issues while traveling and practical advice about how to stay healthy.
Plastic Surgery (
Has information on plastic surgery procedures plus referrals to international ASPS Member Surgeons.
Health (
A trusted American health and wellness magazine for women.
Arriva Costa Rica (
A website detailing how and where to find a plastic surgeon in Costa Rica, dentist and eye surgery specialist or various surgical operations.
Medical Value Finder (
Approved medical centers in Costa Rica, China, Mexico, Panama, Thailand, India and Turkey.
Looking your Best (
Site to help you find a doctor for breast augmentation in the US.
Lipo (
Online search engine to help you find a liposuction doctor.
The Caribbean International Plastic Surgery Centre (
Find a plastic surgeon in the Caribbean.