Suggested Tour Operators


Cosmetic Surgery Travel (
Medical travel and support service for cosmetic or dental procedures in Thailand or Singapore.
Body Beautiful (, Tel. + 44 0845 230 7003)
Specialize in surgery and healthcare vacations to Malaysia.
Singapore Health Tourism (
A leading provider of medical trips to Singapore.


Medical Tours International (
Affordable medical care, surgery, dental services and stem cell procedures in Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Asia, Israel, Europe, Turkey and Panama.
Globe Health Tours (
A UK based company established by medical professionals to help people with medical needs to plan and schedule medical treatments in India, France and Europe, Thailand and Singapore.
MedRetreat (
A US based company facilitating medical travel programs for North Americans seeking Health Tourism abroad in places like Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, and India.

North America

Transformation Vacation (, Tel. + 1 310 550 6300)
Breast augmentation, plastic surgery and tummy tuck procedures on Rodeo Drive.

Latin America

Surgery and Travel (, Tel. + 57 1 545 3793)
Treatments offered in Bogota, Colombia.
Alternative Health Tours (, Tel. + 619 475 3834)
Offers daily, private, customized tours and transportation to and from Alternative Health Clinics and Hospitals in Tijuana and Rosarito B.C., Mexico. Offer hope through the most effective alternative treatments for those afflicted with a variety of illnesses including cancer and immune deficiency disorders.
Cosmetic Vacations (, Tel. 877 627 2556)
Uses surgeons licensed by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.
Health Escape (
Offers cosmetic and dental procedures predominantly to foreigners.


Surgery and Holiday (, Tel. (00216) 22 958 992)
Organizes cosmetic surgery and Plastic surgery trips in Tunisia.
Surgeon and Safari (, Tel. + 27 11463 3154)
Surgery, recuperation and rejuvenation away from public scrutiny in South Africa. Options include dental, ophthalmic, orthopedic, infertility treatment, hair transplants and cosmetic procedures.
Mediscapes (
Cosmetic surgery, infertility, breast surgery and most medical procedures in Cape Town.


Appearance Matters (, Tel. + 44 01706 620823)
Arranges all-inclusive travel and treatment packages to selected partner clinics in Warsaw, Poland.
Health tourism in Poland (
Spa vacations, sanatoriums, dental clinics, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine in Poland.
La Porta Dental ( Tel. + 36 1 466 2391)
Dental services in Budapest, Heviz and Mosonmagyaróvár.
Medical Travel in Poland (, Tel. + 48 7564 73091)
Dental treatment and cosmetic surgery during your vacation in Poland.
Hungarian Dental Travel (, Tel. 01522 789 156)
For customers wanting to travel to Hungary to see qualified dental surgeons and cosmetic dentists.

Do-it-yourself options

The best do-it-yourself options are of the health and wellness spa type vacations where you can check yourself into packages. A lot of countries and clinics advertise their services in health magazines so you can contact them directly. Published guidebooks also list the services offered internationally and exactly what is involved in the treatment. This cuts out the middleman – the medical agency.

Successful international health travel is contingent upon a variety of factors. This includes things like your ability to travel, the type of treatment required, cultural tolerances and travel preferences. If you are trying to do-it-yourself consider some of these things when you make a selection.

Also consider if you are doing the trip by yourself will it be worse to suffer alone far from home despite the possible luxurious surroundings? Or will convalescing in the Caribbean or the South of France or even Bangkok or Singapore be better given the discretion of the location?