The world is your honeymoon really. You can make anything romantic simply being together although some locations really invite intimacy. Enjoy the intimacy of a lighthouse stay in the US or a castle in Scotland, you could do the cliché trip to Paris, travel to idyllic Zanzibar or the ultimate pacific location Vanuatu.

  1. Lighthouse Stay, Maine

    If you find lighthouses romantic why not stay in one for your honeymoon? Not only are they picturesquely situated and remote, you’ll have fabulous beaches to enjoy and may even be responsible for the light during your stay.

  2. Castle vacation, Scotland

    Ham it up in a centuries old castle during your honeymoon in Scotland. There’s self-catering accommodation, quaint locations and plenty of options to hunker in by the fire or take wonderful strolls out in the countryside.

  3. A week in Paris

    The romantic city in the world is the ultimate destination for the honeymooning couple. Sip coffee on Paris sidewalks, stroll along the Seine arm in arm, have a kiss under the Eiffel Tower – there’s plenty of cliché things to do here with your loved one.

  4. Maharaja palace, Rajasthan, India

    Stay with royalty in a real Maharaja palace enjoying all the luxury and mystique of the ancient haveli’s. There are a series of these palaces open to the public across Rajasthan so you could hop from place to place enjoying the sights along the way.

  5. Damascus, Syria

    This town is something out of an Arabian fairytale, and a uniquely romantic destination for a honeymoon. It is reputedly the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city and there are plenty of old Silk Road ruins, Crusader castles, treasure-filled souks and merchant houses to explore.

  6. Balloon ride, Grand Canyon

    You can’t get a destination more beautiful or an experience more romantic than this balloon ride over the world’s most amazing canyon. Take your loved one up over the rugged desert scenery and celebrate the views and your vows with a glass of champagne.

  7. Aruba

    This hot, dry destination is perfect if you’re looking for warmth, sun and sand. It gets even hotter when the sun goes down at night and the casinos and discos hot up. If you wouldn’t mind hitting a few hot spots day or night this is the place for you and your partner.

  8. Antigua

    Choose from 365 coves and palm-fringed bays all featuring fine sand, blue seas and some of the best water sports in the whole Caribbean.

  9. Zanzibar, Tanzania

    This idyllic port with its dhow boats, flying fish and pepper plantations was once busy with spice merchants and slave traders. Today it basks in the Indian Ocean inviting tourists and honeymooners to sample its coral gardens, wander the fortress ruins and sultan’s palaces of the capital Stone Town or the miles of palm-fringed coves.

  10. Vanuatu

    The 83 islands of Vanuatu are a true South Pacific paradise of sun-bleached strands, aquamarine seas and shipwreck dives. There are also plenty of tribal cultures to enjoy. Visit Efate Island’s Port Vila for most of the action. Espiritu Santo has the famed pink-sand Champagne Beach, Tanna and Ambrym have volcanoes and on Pentecost Island is the famed land diving.