Your Style

Consider the style of travel you wish to undertake and consult with your partner. They might say they would like to backpack across Europe but this might not be very realistic after weeks of wedding chaos and it might be better to simply go somewhere to relax. Think about how you wish to travel eg. backpacking, cruising, camping, luxury resorts.


Set a budget for your honeymoon and then look at the options that fit the bill rather than let the honeymoon set the budget. There are plenty of budget choices for planning a honeymoon. It might simply be a matter of changing your accommodation choice or traveling in off-season to reduce costs. Consider using a guide like Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine to help you plan. There are also online websites that offer cost cutting tips. An all-inclusive package can be cheaper with flights, accommodation and food.

Choosing a Location

Check online lists of the top 50 or 100 honeymoon vacation spots or get a book to determine your destination. Think about whether you want beach, jungle, quaint villages, exciting cities or nightlife at the destination. You may find that a location in Asia or the Pacific is actually cheaper than staying in Europe despite the cost and distance of the flight. However you will need to consider the seasons in the location and hedge your bets according to the weather. Also keep in mind the tourist seasons and off-season rates for saving money.


Picking your hotel, resort or cruise ship can be tricky as it really can make or break your vacation. Consider how much time you will actually spend in your room or at the resort, how much luxury you need and what types of amenities are important. Look at online reviews of the places rather than just going from a beautiful Internet photo. And when you return add your own review to help future travelers.

Travel Agent or Online Booking

Online travel bookings are commonplace and very easy as they require simply a few clicks and a credit card. But be careful, while they may be cheaper a physical travel agent will double-check your reservations and make sure that everything you ask for is there. Many of these agents have actually stayed at or visited the hotels and destinations you are interested in and can give you really good advice to help you plan accordingly. If you decide to book online, call the resort directly after the reservation is made to check everything has been confirmed and that all the amenities, excursions etc are in hand.

On Location

When you get to your location don’t be afraid to tell the hotel or resort it’s your honeymoon. They may provide a few free extra’s like a welcome bottle of champagne or even a special suite. Make sure you use the “do not disturb” signs as much as you need and order breakfast from room service. And don’t turn on the TV!