The Caribbean islands are the perfect place to spend with the person you love. There’s such a variety of cultures, color and warmth to enjoy and you can really unwind, recharge and start your lifetime of memories together.

  1. Aruba

    This hot, dry destination is perfect if you’re looking for warmth, sun and sand. It gets even hotter when the sun goes down at night and the casinos and discos hot up. If you wouldn’t mind hitting a few hot spots day or night this is the place for you and your partner.

  2. Antigua

    Choose from 365 coves and palm-fringed bays all featuring fine sand, blue seas and some of the best water sports in the whole Caribbean.

  3. Barbados

    Barbados is home to some of the poshest resorts in the Caribbean so expect luxury and service. You can also expect balmy weather, beautiful beaches and a pronounced British accent. There’s a varied landscape worth preserving for more active couples with a wildlife preserve, botanical gardens and plenty of craggy coast.

  4. Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is perfect for active couples. Take a zip line tour and get sent swinging through the forest’s treetop canopy via a cable and a harness. Then spend some quality time together in a jungle lodge.

  5. Belize

    Tour the jungle, swim under waterfalls and explore ancient Mayan ruins in Belize – a great spot for a honeymoon.

  6. St Lucia

    You’ll want to be a laid back sort for this island. It’s all about volcanic peaks, rainforest and banana plantations – pretty, quiet and honeymoon ripe.

  7. Atacama Desert, Chile

    Watch the stars together in the Atacama desert, one of the best places for stargazing in the world where a dry climate and a virtually rainless plateau have created ideal conditions.

  8. Easter Island, Chile

    The uniqueness of this island and its remoteness attracts honeymooners to Easter Island all the time. Relax on the soft sand beaches or explore the craters and unusual stones.

  9. Zacatecas, Mexico

    This is the town everyone wants to go back to in Mexico and ideal for a really memorable honeymoon. Zacatecas is a gorgeous piece of 17th-century colonial Mexico. There are art collections, gorgeous mansions, cathedrals, museums and markets to explore. Or you could buy your loved one something silver at the Eden Mine.

  10. Bermuda

    You’ll soon understand why Michael Douglas has spent so much time in the romantic hideaway of Bermuda. Stay in pastel cottages overlooking the turquoise ocean, play golf and relax. Douglas holds a share in the 47-room Ariel Resort and you might even seen him or Catherine as they are regular visitors to Bermuda.