Suggested Tour Operators

Exotic Honeymoons (, Tel. (506) 215 2412)
Arranges romantic retreats, natural adventure and all your honeymoon dreams in Costa Rica.
Exotic Honeymoons (, Tel. + 1 800 256 4280)
Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, Caribbean, Tahiti and Hawaii locations covered.
Weddings UK (, Tel. + 44 0171 706 4848)
UK wedding and bridal website for honeymoon escapes to places like St Lucia, Seychelles, Kerala, Seychelles and Hawaii.
Sun and Sandals Tours (, Tel. + 27 11 616 7705)
Tour operator for destination weddings and honeymoons in Africa, Middle East, Indian Ocean Islands, Europe and Asia.
All About Honeymoons (
One of the largest romance travel agencies that can help you plan a honeymoon and eliminate travel difficulties and stress.

Do-it-yourself options

If you’re frightened by the cost involved in package tours or luxury hotels or just want something more autonomous and unique, there are plenty of ways to organize your own honeymoon experience.

Think of it as any vacation and plan accordingly. However you will probably want to choose a hotel that is a little more cozy and intimate and a destination that is both affordable and fun. Do remember it’s not a sight seeing vacation as such; you probably want to relax and enjoy each others company more than wander about. Beach vacations are traditionally the domain of the relaxed vacation but what about snuggling up in an igloo in Norway, a romantic safari vacation in Botswana or a jungle retreat in Costa Rica.